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Do you have a question for Sir Charlie Stinky Socks? If so, please type it in the box at the bottom of the page and click ‘Send’. Each month, Charlie will answer a few questions and post his responses here. No question is too silly! Ask away!

Here are some recent questions and answers:

Sir Charlie do you have any clean socks than your socks you wear all the time? -Holl

I’m afraid not, Holl; I only have the stinky ones! Mind you they are my favourites and they never let me down. How about you? What are your socks like?

Sir Charlie X

what are wiggly woos? why did you call your cat envelope? is the wicth a good wicth or a bad wicth? -Kelsie

Hi Kelsie, Have you ever seen a Wiggly Woo? In my world they are colourful little bugs that wait in the grass to tickle your toes – I think they want to make you laugh. You will find they popping up in all the ‘Sir Charlie’ books.

And how did my cat get his name, you ask? Well, when I was 3 years old I had a pet rabbit and I called him ‘Towerblock’! But after about a week I realised that this probably wasn’t the best name for a rabbit, so I called him…ENVELOPE! That was a long time ago now, but when I went on my first ‘Sir Charlie’ adventure and I took my cat with me, I decided to name him Envelope, after my rabbit.

Oh! and the witch with the watch is a very good witch indeed. She looks after the princess and prepares a fabulous birthday party for her. She even makes sure everyone gets to the party. I think she’s lovely.

I hope that helps.

Sir Charlie x

What is your horse's real name? -Jake

Do you know, the Good Grey Mare doesn’t actually have another name. Or, if she does, she hasn’t told me what it is.
What do you think she should be called? Why not have a go at thinking of a name yourself, and let me know what you come up with – I’d love to hear your ideas and I’ll post them on the site. Have fun.

Sir Charlie x

why did you go on the adventure? -Heather

I went on my first adventure because I wanted to meet all the creatures I had seen in my imagination. I met a dragon, some beasties, the wiggly woos and a wily, witch with a watch but there are still all sorts of creatures I would like to meet and places I would like to visit so I’m going to keep going on adventures. How about you? What would you like to meet on an adventure?

Love from,
Sir Charlie x

Is there a CD of all the songs? -Kath

Dear Kath,
You can buy an audio version of the first four Sir Charlie books and these have songs at the end of the story.
We are thinking about producing a cd with just the songs on it – so watch this space.

Sir Charlie x

Do you ever get your socks washed?? -Luke

Answer: Great question! I do wash my socks – usually after every adventure. I even managed to persuade the Sweetle Beetles to wash them and the Ghastly Ghouls to iron them for me at the end of ‘The Really Frightful Night’. How about you?

Sir Charlie

where do you live? is it in a castle? -Joseph

Hello Joseph,
Thanks for your question.
Where do you think I live? Let me know and I’ll tell you if you are right.

Sir Charlie

what is your favourite food? -Ciara

Hello Ciara,
Good question! The answer’s easy: Dragon Salad – prepared by the finest goblin chefs and … Chocolate Spread sandwiches, of course!

Love from
Sir Charlie x

My mum has a Galaxy S2 not an I PHONE . . . Will I be able to get the ap on Mummy's phone soon? Love Charlie not so stinky socks

Hello Charlie,

I’ve got an answer for you but it’s probably not the one you want to hear. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get the first Sir Charlie App on your Mummy’s phone. The App was developed a long time ago, when android phones were just a whisper, and the way it was built means that it can’t be converted well. I’m sorry.

But don’t worry, there is talk about making a whole new Sir Charlie App. So, fingers crossed.

Sir Charlie x

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