Were you scared when you saw pirates? When you met the ogres did you think you were in trouble? Is Envelope the cat real? Can we buy any of Captain Black Beards cakes? Thank you for great stories – William

Hello William,

Thank you for all your great questions.

I was a little bit scared when I saw all the pirates. But not for very long because I knew everything would be okay once I’d found out what they were really like.

I wasn’t too worried about the ogre because I really like ogres. Envelope and the good, grey mare were terrified though!

My cat Envelope is real. He was actually named after a rabbit called Envelope. But that’s a very long story.

Why don’t you have a go at baking your own pirate cakes? Then you could send me a photo of them to put on the website and I’ll send you a Sir Charlie Certificate of BRILLIANCE.

Have a lovely weekend. I’m on another adventure – inside a volcano this time. Wish me luck.

Lots of love,

Sir Charlie



Dear Sir Charlie. 

Thank you for the good idea about making some cakes. Here are two pictures of them. I made them with my sister Tilly. We have two further questions.

1. Are you still in the volcano? Is it very hot? 

2. When is your birthday. 

(that appears to be three questions) 

Love from, William (and Tilly and Daddy)